Yemen Mokha Sana’ani

10 oz.  First Crack 7:30.  Total time 12:30.  Full City (+).  Yield- 8 3/8 oz.

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New Classic Espresso

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Sweet Maria’s New Classic Espresso Blend.  Roasted 10 minutes to first crack, 15 minutes total to Full City Plus.

Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 2- Oromia Co-op

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From Mr. Green Beans.  Roasted 13 minutes to first crack, 18 minutes total to Full City.

Tasting notes:  Floral and aromatic.  Citrus notes.  Light-bodied.  Clean.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere, roasted 8 minutes to first crack, 12 minutes total.  City Plus Roast.

Tasting notes:  Floral, spice/sweet notes.  Bright, citrus.

Update: Allowed to rest, this makes an excellent SO espresso.  Flavor stands up well in milk drinks also.


Reedville Roasters is not real, is not a licensed business, and exists only in my imagination, and my garage.  This is a blog about me learning to roast coffee by trial and error.  If you have tasted my coffees, feel free to comment.  Thank you.