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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (sampled from Gen-X coffee)

Thanks to GenX Coffee for the sample. Roasted to FC.

Cupping notes:
1. Fragrance dry- Citrus, floral- 3
2. Wet aroma – lemon, tea- 3
2. Brightness/acidity – Bright, citrus – 7
3. Flavor/depth – Clean, citrus, spice 7.5
4. Body/mouthfeel – light, slightly oily, good 7.5
5. Finish/aftertaste – nice, lingers on the palate in a good way. 6.5

Total score, 84.5


Cupping- Ethiopia Sidamo Oramia Grade 2

Cupping before breaking the crust.


I am fairly new to this cupping thing, but I want to try to do it with every coffee I roast.  This coffee has aromas of chocolate and cinnamon, but tastes sweet, with a little honey.  Mellow and subdued compared to it’s higher level country mate Yirgacheffe, but still a good cup in it’s own right.

New Roaster Project Update

Ready for delivery

The new roaster works- it moves the beans without the motor stopping.  However, the rotisserie motor has proved to be much too slow, which results in an uneven roast.  This roaster will eventually work, but I am going to have to invest in a more powerful motor.  Eventually, I might be able to use the same motor for my drum roaster.   For now, I will continue with the Turbo Crazy.  I actually roasted my largest Turbo Crazy batch ever today- a full 14 ounces.  It didn’t have any problems.  I think I can probably do a full pound, maybe more, but I’m afraid to push it.  One of these days I’ll try it.

Mexico- Posi Fair Trade

10 ounces.  First crack 7:30.  Total Time 11:00.  Full City.

Current Roasting Set Up

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What you are looking at is a Turbo Convection oven on top which provides both heat for roasting and air movement to move the chaff out of the roaster.  Below that is a springform pan, which is slightly modified to allow the chaff to escape.  This also provides space from the heating element to avoid cooking the beans too quickly.  I’ve also inserted a thermometer to monitor the chamber temperature.  I plan on purchasing a thermocouple that I can insert directly into the bean mass to monitor the temperature.   On the bottom is a Westbend Stir Crazy popcorn popper that keeps the beans moving for an even roast.  The popper base had to be modified because it came with a nylon shaft which would have melted under the heat of the oven.  Also, I removed the popper’s heating element since the heat is coming from the convection oven.

The bean cooler is exactly what it looks like- 2 buckets from Lowes, a Shop Vac buckethead and a colander.  This cools the beans very quickly.  It also helps to remove excess chaff.

Sweet Maria’s Tono Alto Espresso Blend


8 ounces.  First crack 8 minutes.  Total time 11:30.  City/City +.

New Roaster Project

I am enjoying my Stir Crazy Turbo Oven roaster, but I already have the urge to roast a little bit larger batches.  The problem is the Stir Crazy popcorn base has a motor that is too weak.  Also, the stirring rods and the capacity of the chamber are a little on the small side.

My goal is to be able to roast up to 2.5 pounds of green at a time, to end up with roughly 2 pounds of roasted coffee per cycle.  I believe I can accomplish this with a few modifications.

First, lose the Stir Crazy base and motor and shaft.  The motor and will be replaced with a rotisserie motor kit for a bbq.  The shaft will likely have to be cut down some.  The base will be replaced by some sort of 12 inch surface- likely a 12 inch straight-sided skillet, with a hole drilled through the bottom to accommodate the stirring shaft.

The heating element will be the same Turbo Convection Oven I am currently using, which should provide adequate heat and keep the air moving, to facilitate even roasting and chaff removal.  There will also need to be some sort of spacer to allow for the chaff to escape.

Hopefully I will get to work on this project over the next few days and have a working, larger capacity roaster soon.