Current Roasting Set Up

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What you are looking at is a Turbo Convection oven on top which provides both heat for roasting and air movement to move the chaff out of the roaster.  Below that is a springform pan, which is slightly modified to allow the chaff to escape.  This also provides space from the heating element to avoid cooking the beans too quickly.  I’ve also inserted a thermometer to monitor the chamber temperature.  I plan on purchasing a thermocouple that I can insert directly into the bean mass to monitor the temperature.   On the bottom is a Westbend Stir Crazy popcorn popper that keeps the beans moving for an even roast.  The popper base had to be modified because it came with a nylon shaft which would have melted under the heat of the oven.  Also, I removed the popper’s heating element since the heat is coming from the convection oven.

The bean cooler is exactly what it looks like- 2 buckets from Lowes, a Shop Vac buckethead and a colander.  This cools the beans very quickly.  It also helps to remove excess chaff.


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