New Roaster Project

I am enjoying my Stir Crazy Turbo Oven roaster, but I already have the urge to roast a little bit larger batches.  The problem is the Stir Crazy popcorn base has a motor that is too weak.  Also, the stirring rods and the capacity of the chamber are a little on the small side.

My goal is to be able to roast up to 2.5 pounds of green at a time, to end up with roughly 2 pounds of roasted coffee per cycle.  I believe I can accomplish this with a few modifications.

First, lose the Stir Crazy base and motor and shaft.  The motor and will be replaced with a rotisserie motor kit for a bbq.  The shaft will likely have to be cut down some.  The base will be replaced by some sort of 12 inch surface- likely a 12 inch straight-sided skillet, with a hole drilled through the bottom to accommodate the stirring shaft.

The heating element will be the same Turbo Convection Oven I am currently using, which should provide adequate heat and keep the air moving, to facilitate even roasting and chaff removal.  There will also need to be some sort of spacer to allow for the chaff to escape.

Hopefully I will get to work on this project over the next few days and have a working, larger capacity roaster soon.


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